July 21, 2020 Summer Seminar Day 2 - Newsletter Print

A Message from the Secretary-Treasurer

Georgia ITE Members and Friends,

Day two of the 2020 Virtual Summer Seminar has wrapped up our technical sessions for the day and is heading into our social portion for the evening. Remeber the scholarship auction is live and available for bids! Also, don't forget to join in on the fun tonight or submit your pictures for the ongoing competitions!

First, a quick housekeeping item for folks before we roll into our recap. PDHs for sessions can be found on our conference app hosted by Expo Pass. Once you've downloaded the app, you can create an account with the email address you registered for the conference with and be automatically directed to our conference. For more information, please reach out to Robinson Nicol or Bill Ruhsam.

Moving into a recap of last night's social events, we quite a few laughs and entertainment for players of Bingo, Pictionary, and Hearts! Various events had multipler winner levels and received fun gifts card. Pictured below was the very entertaining Pictionary event that tested folks' computer drawing limits. Enjoy!

This morning's Technical Session 4A brought us some fun discussion on timing and capacity by Paul Slone. Then we had an exciting run down on Quadrant Roadway Intersections with some great examples by Jonathan Reid. We rounded out the sesion with Dr. Michael Rogers giving us a rundown on the imporance of safety and lighting of roundabouts. Pictured below is a shot of the presentation on Quadrant Roadway Intersections.

Technical Session 4B started with Lawrence Frank discussing an innovative solution for quantifying and forecasting resilience. Next Artie Jones III and Michelle Alexander gave us a run down on the Six West mixed-use development formerly known as the Airport City in the City of College Park. Lastly, Karyn Matthews and Ligia Florim brought us presentations on Cobb County's expansion of regional transit connectivity and incorporation of Transit Oriented Development. Pictured below is a slide showing the location of the Six West development.

Technical Session 5A gave us some great safety updates. Aaron Steede and Danny Anderson started the session with a presentation on GDOT's new crash and safety data site, Numetric. Sam Harris and Justin Hatch then provided insight into the Intown Multimodal Safety Analysis that focused on key study corridors thoughout the Atlanta metro. The session was rounded out by a Hillary Isebrands with an informative presentation on the Georgia Local Road Safety Plan Pilot. Below is a shot of some interesting Georgia Statistics from the LRS Plan.

Technical Session 5B began with Brent Buice presenting on a 3,000 mile greenway system across 13 states providing connected tranportation and mobility. Walt Ray followed up with a discussion of efforts to provide access to the Chattahooche River corridor for enjoyment of natural resources. Lastly, Greta DeMayo discussed plans to connect the Silver Comet Trail in Cobb County with the BeltLine on the west side of Atlanta. See below for a shot of the proposed connector.

Technical Session 6A began with Brian Burkhard provided insight into vehicle ownership trends and their impacts on Autonomous Vehicles. Next up, Bryan Mulligan showed us the first private sector Infrastructure Automotive Technology Labratory (iATL). Rounding out the session was Matt Smith and Raj Polanairi discussed the varying experiences that public agencies have had with and differences between Connected and Automated Vehicles. See below for a shot from the Connected and Automated Vehicles presentation.

Technical Session 6B started with Tim Matthews giving us an MMIP status update including a fun fact that the since the NW corridor opened rush hour has been reduced by over an hour for transit. Next Kevin Cowan discussed grade crossing safety in Georgia and even with installation of bells, lights, and gates, Georgia still had high rates of incidents at crossings. Lastly, Daniel Studdard presented on the Regional Freight Cluster Program and how infrastructure in freight cluster areas can help economic impact. See below for a shot from the grade crossing presentation.

Hopefully, you are all are actively engaged in tonights fun activites. I'm told folks are bringing their "A Games" to the escape room. Be on the lookout for another update tomorrow with more highlights.

I hope you had a happy Tuesday and stay healthy!

Meredith Emory, PE
2020 GAITE Secretary-Treasurer

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Scholarship Committee Update

The Summer Seminar Scholarship Auction is live! Please follow this link to see items and bid: https://www.32auctions.com/GAITESS2020

There are some new items added just today! And a few bidding wars even happening! So kick back like your at the beach with a cold beverage and see if you can walk away with something great.

The auction closes closes TOMORROW Wednesday, July 22nd @ 10:45am so there is still some time left.

If you prefer just to make a tax deductible donation, that is also an option. There is a "DONATE" button in the upper right hand corner just for you.

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Sponsorship Committee Update

Georgia ITE would like to say THANK YOU to all the Diamond Sponsors, Summer Seminar Sponsors, and Summer Seminar Vendors for supporting our 2020 Virtual Summer Seminar. This event is helped made successful due to your contributions.

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